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 Julian Dawes                                                     Composer

Amongst his 20th century English influences are the pastoralism and extended tonality of Herbert Howells, the richness of Walton, the elegant delicacy of Berkeley and the jazzy impetus of Rodney Bennett; wider European influences include the caustic irony of Shostakovich and Kurt Weil and the rhythmic impetus of Prokofiev and Stravinsky. Yet Dawes welds from his influences an individual voice that is distinctive and refreshing, displaying assured craftsmanship and characterful invention. (Malcolm Miller 2008)

 Tapestry 2





Julian’s work is now available on CD from Amazon.co.uk. Click the links below to go directly to the Amazon page:
Julian Dawes: Sonata Album

Tapestry – Duo Mandala
Tapestry – Contemporary Music for Mandolin and Harp.

Sheet Music is available online from: http.//www.tutti.co.uk